Technologies and Solutions

Together with our strategic partners we design and supply full-scale investment projects, where we utilize thorough experience gained by long time activities in the field of nail machinery and collated fastener material. Through projects and implementation of complex solution of production processes we deliver all our knowledge over to our customers. These solutions reach top performance features and reflect specific requirements of our customers. Solutions that we propose, allow quick start of nails production with minimal risk. We contribute – and not only to young companies – to cut costs, increase productivity and quality, and to increase return on investment in our technologies.

We focus on:

  • Project documentation
  • Nail Making Machinery supply and fitting
  • Putting units into operation, including guaranty tests
  • Proposing optimal production processes
  • Management and machinery operators training
  • Entry material  supply
  • Reliable service offer

Performance based on high level of automation, quality and reliable service helps our customers to sustain and increase their competitiveness on global market.